Spoti Alarm 1.6 for Spotify

Spoti Alarm version 1.6 is here to wake you up with your favorite Spotify tune.What is new in this version of SpotiAlarm?

  • Added the current time as a big clock to the screen
  • Landscape support for the iPad
  • New design for the iPhone
  • Support for the iPhone 5
  • SpotiAlarm is now much faster
  • Better error codes and description for Spotify API statuses.
  • And more

Update your verison of Spoti Alarm now so you can wake up with your favorite tunes!

Spoti Alarm 1.5 is out!

Version 1.5 of the Spoti alarm is available in the app store
New in this version are Snooze, Album covers, lock&low-energy mode, brightness control and country selection for better search results.
This version brings also some performance improvements
The following changes are made:

  • Added Snooze function
  • Added album images
  • Added extra lock to prevent unwanted unlocking.
  • Added Brightness control (requires iOS 5.0+, some iOS version have a bug that the brightness is not reverted correctly when leaving the app, this is a bug in iOS, workaround is to lock your screen and directly unlock it)
  • Added an extra information screen to help you use Spoti Alarm in the correct way.
  • Added country selection to filter Spotify songs that are unavailable in your country (You are able to change your country later in the default Settings app)
  • Improved reliability where some 3g providers blocked certain web request.
  • Improved performance

Version 1.1.0, iOS 4.2+ and iPad support.

Yesterday version 1.1.0 of the Spoti alarm clock was released
New in this version is that 'Spotify Alarm' is now called the 'Spoti Alarm'.
This version brings you native iPad support and users with iOS 4.2+ are also able to use Spoti Alarm now!
Also the following changes are made:

  • Fixed logo's and load screen
  • Play icon in 'edit alarm clock' screen
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Clearer error notifications

Spotify Alarm now in the App Store

The Spotify Alarm clock is now available on the App Store!
It's the best way to wake up every morning listening to your favorite song!
Simply search for your favorite track and choose your preferred wakeup time.
Download it now from the App Store!

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